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Article: 6 Signs You’re Wearing The Wrong Bra Size

6 Signs You’re Wearing The Wrong Bra Size

6 Signs You’re Wearing The Wrong Bra Size

Did you know that up to 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? This means you or someone you know may be wearing the wrong bra. Wearing the wrong size bra, not only causes discomfort but it can cause health complications in extreme cases. A good fitting bra is the foundation for a great outfit and it is important to ensure you go for a bra fitting regularly or measure yourself regularly (approximately every 6 months).

Here are 6 signs that you are wearing the wrong bra. If you can relate to any of them, then it’s time to go get measured in a store or measure yourself at home (look out for our next post about this!).

Believe us when you say, this will be a life changing decision.

1. You're spilling out of your cup

This is pretty obvious but if your boobs are not being contained by the bra cups, then you should measure yourself or get fitted as soon as possible. Not only can your boobs spilling out look unappealing, but it can be painful as well and leave temporary dents where the fabric was digging into your skin. A well fitting bra will be able to contain all of your breast tissue, with no spillage at the front, sides or back. 

Ill Fitting Bra

      2. The underwire pokes you

We’ve all experienced a situation where you are going about our daily life and all of a sudden you feel a sharp poke in your rib area. Although this can be an annoying situation, maybe your bra is trying to tell you something. Your underwire poking you, can be a sign that you have a cheap bra that isn’t well made or that you’re wearing a bra that wasn’t made to contain your boobs. Often the fabric around the underwire can become thin and worn out if you are not wearing the right size. This can lead to irritation, soreness and is generally just uncomfortable.

3. Your straps keep slipping off your shoulders

       Bra does not fit

Often women can get confused between the cup size and the band size of their bras. If either one of these are incorrect this can lead your bra not to fit as intended.

  • The band size is the number in front of the cup size e.g 34H. It refers to how many inches the band of the bra is around your body.
  • The cup size is the letter after the band size. That refers to how big you need the cup sizes to be for your boobs. 

When your band size is higher this means that the straps are wider in order to accommodate a fuller frame. If your straps keep slipping, you may need to go down a band size.

4. Your bra keeps lifting off your underbust area

       Bad fitting bra

Your bra is meant to work for you and not against you. If you keep having to readjust it whenever you move or if you can’t put your hands up without your bra lifting, you are probably wearing the wrong bra size. This could be due to your bra straps being too tight or your bra being the wrong size. A bra should sit comfortably and flat against your chest, if you have a gap between your bra and your under bust area, then you’re wearing the wrong one.

5. Your boobs do not feel supported

       Unsupportive bra Bad quality bra

While not everyone wants the look of a push up bra. There is a difference between boobs sitting at a natural place and them being unsupported.One of the major reasons why women wear bras is to gain some extra support. So if your boobs are drooping or it doesn’t feel like the bra is doing much, then you’re wearing the wrong size.

6. You have back ache or neck ache

While this isn’t always the cause, sometimes aches and pains in our bodies can be as a result of lack of support. If your bra isn’t doing its job then it puts pressure on the rest of your body to support your boobs.

Now that you’ve heard some of the signs you’re wearing the wrong bra. Maybe it’s time to look through your bra collection and throw out anything that fits in the criteria above. Your boobs will thank you.
In our next blog post, we’ll be providing step by step instructions on how to measure yourself to find the right bra! 

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