We know our size chart is unique and we'd love to help you choose the right size before ordering, to avoid the hassle of exchanging your item for the correct size! The fitting only needs to be done once so once you know your Taideux size - you’re good to go! 

Fill in the below form or email hello@taiedeux.com with the following information:

  • Fullest part of your bust while wearing a well fitting bra (in inches)
  • Smallest part of your waist or what the waist size of your jeans are (in inches)
  • Fullest part of your hips (in inches)
  • Bra size - e.g UK32GG
  • Clothing size - e.g UK 14
  • if you have a link to a photo of someone that’s a similar size to you do send it as it will make it easier for us! We have lots of diverse body types on our Instagram page if you need inspo. 

It’s ok if you don’t have all of the information above. Please send the info you do have! 



We will generally reply within one working day (24 hours), often sooner!