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Period Boobs are a thing - and they can be bloody annoying. 

We all know that periods can sometimes be tough on your body. It can lead to massive changes, from your weight, to your mood and even to the size of your boobs.

A popular PMS (Premenstrual syndrome) system to look out for is a tender and sore feeling in your boobs. This is usually as a result of fluctuations in hormone levels of estrogen or progesterone.

Period Pain Period Boobs

For some women during their period, in addition to this soreness, their boobs can go up one or two cup sizes. If you are already a fuller bust woman or have big boobs, this can mean other issues such as increased back pain or discomfort.

If your boobs consistently get drastically bigger due to your period here are a few tips to help you get through your period in a more comfortable way!

1. Have a Dedicated Period Bra

You could consider purchasing a comfortable but supportive bra in a bigger size. Simply just for your time of the month. Or consider wearing a bra to sleep as well, just for that extra support and comfort.
We all know fuller bust bras can get very expensive, so you can consider this a one time investment! Try purchasing a nude coloured, practical bra such as a full coverage T-shirt bra,which can be worn with different outfits.

2. Hot or Cold Compress

A hot or cold compress (pick whichever works best for you) is a classic remedy. But that’s because it really works to reduce pain. If you're really in a lot of pain, over the counter pain medications might be your best option.

 3. Be Proactive

One way to reduce breast soreness is to stop it before it even starts. Things in your diet can partly cause breast pain. If you notice continuous symptoms, you could try to reduce your levels of caffeine, salt or alcohol intake in the week leading up to your period. These items have been shown to make the pain worse. 

Remember that these fluctuations in your boobs are natural occurrences, so there is no need to worry. Hopefully these three tips can help to make your next period go a lot smoother.

Do your boobs tend to increase in size as a result of your period? Comment below on what tips and tricks you use to manage it!

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