Fuller Bust (DD+) Bloggers You Need To Know in 2021!

At Taideux, we celebrate women everyday because we believe that women are truly phenomenal and deserve everything good life has to offer. However, as it's Women's Month, we wanted to do something extra special by highlighting some women in the fuller bust community that are doing incredible work. These women consistently provide honest reviews of fuller bust options and also support small brands like us!

Additionally, we get lots of DMs asking for recommendations on fuller bust bloggers because we know you are often looking for style inspiration and recommendations. We've done the work for you by collating a list of fuller bust (DD+) bloggers that should be on your radar in no particular order.


Maddison Alexandra

Size: UK 28HH; Location: US; Category: Lingerie, Sportswear, Clothing and Swimwear

Fuller bust swimwear

-  Ashley (Boobs.Bounce)

Size: UK 32G; Location: UK; Category: Sportswear

Sports bras for busty women

Jen (thecusrvygirlloves)

Size: UK 36K Location: UK; Category: Lingerie and Clothing

Trendy Clothes for busty girls

 Size: UK 36HH or 34J//HH; Location: UK; Category: Lingerie, Sportswear, Clothing and Swimwear

Styling tips for big busts and tummy

Lucy Dawson (Luuudaw)

Size: UK 32H; Location: UK; Category: Lingerie, Clothing

Clothes for big boobs

Nelle (Nellesdirectory)

Size: UK 30FF;  Location: UK; Category: Clothing and Lingerie 

Styling a large bust

Jenfer Cohen (jenniferdcohen)

Size: UK 32GG or 30H; Location: UK; Category: Lingerie and Swimwear

Bikini for fuller busts

Chloe (Fullerbustinspo)

Size: UK 32JJ;  Location: UK; Category: Lingerie, Sportswear, Clothing and Swimwear

Plus size and busty clothes

Josie Jayne (iamjosiejayne)

Size: UK 30G;  Location: UK; Category: Lingerie, Sportswear, Clothing and Swimwear


Lingerie for busty women

Styled in Full

Size: UK 32K; Location: UK; Category: Lingerie, Sportswear, Clothing and Swimwear

Clothing for large busts

Alice (aliceiloves)

Size: UK 32HH;  Location: UK; Category: Lingerie, Sportswear, Clothing and Swimwear

Clothes for Large bust and small waist

Blessed With Breasts 

Size: UK 30HH;  Location: UK; Category: Lingerie and Swimwear

Big boob swimmers

Lucy (thelingerieprincess)

Size: UK 28G Location: UK; Category: Lingerie and Swimwear

Lingerie for big boob and small waist

- Lauren Edge (itslaurenedgex)

Size: UK 34J Location: UK; Category: Sportswear

Busty Girl Bras

Fuller Bust Fitness

Size: UK 32J Location: UK; Category: Sportswear

Sports bras for bigger bust

Georgia (Confessionsofagcup)

Size: UK 28GG/30G Location: AU; Category: Lingerie, Swimwear and Clothing

Bikini and swimsuit for large bust and tummy

- Lauren (Lauren_Dungey)

 Size: UK 36GG.H Location: UK; Category: Lingerie, Clothing, Swimwear


Clothes for Big breasts
Now that you've discovered a list of busty bloggers that can provide style inspiration, why don't you check out our range clothing for big busts?

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