Our Story

Empowering big-boobed women to feel and look amazing through our clothes and impact!

Growing up with four sisters, I've always loved fashion, the simple joys of sharing clothes with my amazing sisters and playing dress up! When I turned 22, I went through a massive growth spurt which caused my boobs to double in size. Until then I never realised how difficult it is for fuller bust women to buy clothes that fit right.

Now at 25, and with a UK32GG bust, it's almost impossible to find clothes that provide the right support and fit without having to size up, tailor my clothes or compromise on my style. Additionally, I found that fuller bust clothes available are mostly matronly and geared towards a more mature audience.

As a result of my experiences, I desperately sought clothing options which made me feel youthful and confident; and options that didn't require me to spend extra money on tailoring

I sought stylish clothes for the young, modern, fuller bust woman and this is the reason Taideux was born!

Pronounced "Thai"- "dough"


Taideux is a combination of my maternal grandmother's name, "Táíwò" and "Deux" (which means two in French) because she is a twin, as there are two breasts. I love my grandmother very dearly and also inherited my small band, large cup (UK32GG) frame from her! Her go-getter attitude inspires me every day as she has worked numerous jobs over her 82 year lifetime to raise six troublesome kids on her own.

Her strong, confident and loving personality is at the core of the Taideux brand, and drives us to create stunning pieces which we carefully design to allow fuller bust babes feel and look confident.


I hope to inspire, empower and create a community for fuller bust women and women generally through our clothes and impact!

Lots of love,


Creative Director