less is more

We are committed to a more conscious and human-centered way of manufacturing.



As a brand it's important for us to show that there are actual people behind garments you wear. We are so proud to be partnered with an amazing family run factory in Indore, India. They continue to operate during Covid-19 and have been able to support their committed employees, ensuring safety measures are adhered to at all times and working at a limited capacity.

Meet Rizwan. He has the most important role in our factory as the factory's head tailor and oversees the pattern cutting, sizing and fit of every single one of our designs. Riz is a bloody genius and we'd be lost without him.

We are fashion forward, without compromising on ethics.

here's how

If there’s anything we’re learning in the news at the moment, it’s that fast fashion is one of the most harmful industries affecting our planet. Larger fashion corporations throw away huge quantities of fabric every season. This fabric is considered dead stock, often burnt in landfills and plays a large contribution to 10% of the world's carbon emissions.

All of our pieces are designed in London and ethically made in small quantities (and with love!) by a talented team of men and women in Indore, India. They receive all of the amazing treatment that a lot of us take for granted: fair wages, holiday pay, safe working environments and UK standard working hours. 

If you fancy a chat or want to know more about our little business, we are an open book! Drop us an email, we'd love to hear from you - contact@taideux.com